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Medical, Pension and Savings

Medical Plan

The Greater Pennsylvania Carpenters' Medical Plan (a trust) was formed in 1964 under an agreement, as amended, between the Greater Pennsylvania Regional Council of Carpenters' and certain employer associations. The agreement provides, among other things, for employers of members to contribute various amounts for each hour worked or a percentage of gross wages.

A plan of insurance provides for death, disability, hospital, surgical, medical and other similar benefits for members participating in the Plan.

Administrative services are provided by Carpenters' Combined Funds, Inc., a corporation created by the Greater Pennsylvania Carpenters' Pension and Medical Plans.

Pension Fund

Few goals are more important than providing for a financially secure retirement. That is why your union - through The Greater PA Regional Council of Carpenters - sponsors the Pension Fund. The Plan is designed to provide you with retirement income for life based upon your length of service with participating employers and contributions made by employers on your behalf. When your pension benefit is combined with Social Security and your personal savings, it offers valuable financial security for your retirement years.

Savings Fund

Through negotiation with the Union, your employer has agreed to contribute on your behalf to the Greater Pennsylvania Carpenters' Annuity and Savings Fund. These contributions are held in an individual Account on your behalf, and you direct how your Account is invested. Your Account is payable upon your retirement, death, disability or termination of employment. In addition, in-service withdrawals are available for certain prior year contributions and in the event of your financial hardship.

The Greater Pennsylvania Carpenters' Annuity and Savings Fund is a self-directed retirement fund. Information about your account can be obtained online or by phone at 1-800-374-4631.


For more information on any of these plans please go to the Carpenters' Combined Funds website at


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